Is It Really DeAngelo’s Team?

DeAngelo Hall has entered the race for best NFL rant of the season. And the Redskins cornerback managed to do so in only the second week of the season.

Hall was very upset with his Washington side’s defenseless effort in the second half yesterday against the Houston Texans and the former Falcons man vented his frustrations regarding allowing a 21 point lead to slip away at the end of the game.

And apparently the former Virginia Tech star believes that he should be allowed to play man and cover the opposing team’s best receiver the entire game if he feels like it. This idea was brought to light earlier today when DeAngelo decided to discuss the 4th and 10 play that the Texans converted with two minutes remaining in the game to Andre Johnson. Johnson, one of the few elite NFL receivers, scored a 32 yard touchdown on the play while being double covered by two Redskin players. DeAngelo Hall was on the other side of the field when the play happened and could not stop Johnson from equalizing the score. 

And I’ll let DeAngelo take it away from here:

That’s how it was. That ain’t how it’s going to be from here on out. I’m going to be wherever the [expletive] ball’s going. Wherever the receiver’s going, that’s where the [expletive] I’m going. That’s the bottom line. That’s something we got to do in order to win games. So that’s what’s going to happen.

And when asked about defensive coordinator Jim Haslett’s opinion on the subject of Hall playing wherever he wants to, the often outspoken cornerback decided to fire off this classic rant about the defensive schemes:

It don’t matter what he say. It don’t matter what he say. This my team. This my defense. So I’m [going to] follow the receivers around. That’s what I’m [going to do]. If we got to do that to win games, that’s what we do.

And this rant is right up there with Allen Iverson’s classic “practice” speech. DeAngelo is not only calling out other players on his team for not stepping up and making the big play, but he is also saying that the defense set in place by Haslett doesn’t matter to what he will decide to do on the field. Hall is putting his own ego so far ahead of his team’s coaching tactics that it has become comical how little he cares for the designed defense.

But I do have one piece of advice for DeAngelo since he shares my last name.

Shut your mouth, please. First off, you have never been this best corner in the league which season after season you claim that you are. You have probably played on one or two defenses in your entire career that were above average and most of the passing defenses you have played on were among the league’s worst. You have a terrible attitude (hence why this is your third team in the last four years) and you have way too much confidence in yourself compared to the values of the team you play for. And in all reality you have never done anything to deserve this self-proclaimed title as one of the league’s best.

The truth is that your name is DeAngelo Hall and most people know who you are because of your terrible attitude. And the few that have seen you play probably remember you as the guy that was chasing after the wide receiver running into the end zone holding onto the football. Just like your buddy in Washington Mr. Haynesworth, play in the coach’s system and keep your mouth shut.

Because nobody really cares about anything else you may or may not have to say.

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