Indy’s Super Bowl Loss? Who’s to Blame?

There is an absolutely splendid post over at NBC Sports from Mike Florio about the Indianapolis Colts loss in the Super Bowl. Namely, that the team seems to blame a whole bunch of people, but leaves precious Peyton Manning out of the “scapegoat” line for the loss. This is something I’ve been saying since the loss happened. The Saints outplayed the Colts, and Manning was a large part of the loss. Manning, to put it mildly, played as if he believed the hype of how great he was and he couldn’t possibly lose. He was sloppy. Overconfident. The other thing that floored me after their loss was Manning’s piss poor attitude. He stomped off the field and wouldn’t shake hands with the team that beat his butt fair and square.

Super Bowl XLIV Wallpaper
Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

But it’s not just his problem that the team seems to blame the rest of the players for the loss and not Manning. To me, they are looking backward to this game and still not seeing their shortcomings. Namely, they underestimated the Saints. The Saints studied the Colts and were prepared. That surprise off-side kick didn’t hurt either.

My concern with this team is that they will continue to look back on this loss without leaning anything. If that’s the case, they won’t be able to get half as way next season.

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