I’m #1

Joe Flacco has either got steel stones or he’s deranged.  I am not sure which it is.  Once again, Flacco claims he is the best quarterback in the NFL.  Seriously Joe?

Flacco has said in the past few months that he is an elite quarterback.  That he is a top 5 quarterback.  Now, he’s the BEST quarterback in the entire NFL.  Flacco is a mediocre quarterback.  His record with the Ravens in four years is 44-22.  That’s just over .500.  I am not sure how that translates into best in the league.

Last I checked, his team wasn’t winning the Super Bowl.  They make it to the playoffs easily enough, most of the time as they play in a division with the Bengals and Browns and an aging Steelers team.

In the 2011 regular season, he was just over 50% completion.   He only had 20 TD passes.  He was sacked 31 times.  He had 12 interceptions.  He was ranked in the passing stats category for the regular season in 2011 at 18.  There were 17 quarterbacks in the NFL who had better stats than he did.  Seventeen.

I realize that it is a contract year for him and that he has to put himself in the best light possible, but does he just like people to say he’s crazy?  The Ravens have made no moves towards a long term contract with Flacco so far.  They have made other long term contract deals.  They have used their franchise tag on Ray Rice.  The Ravens just completed a deal with their cornerback Webb.  They are also negotiating with cornerback Cary Williams.  But no movement has been made in Flacco’s direction.

The team has said they want to sign him to a long term deal and they probably will.  But it won’t be because they think he’s the best quarterback in the NFL.  The only person who thinks that is Flacco.  It will be interesting to see if the Ravens pay him like an elite quarterback or not.  Is Flacco worth 18 million a year?  He sure thinks so.

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