Illinois Recruit Shuns Illini; Then Burns OSU Letter

News has emerged that a highly recruited offensive lineman out of the state of Illinois has added sparks to the best college football rivalry in the nation.  Let me apologize right now but Logan Tuley-Tillman, who will graduate in 2013, has no idea about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, nor does he have any standing amongst it.

Certainly this article gives Tuley-Tillman credibility, as have others.  But his acts on Twitter lately have brought him more notoriety than his verbal commitment to Michigan ever did.  That speaks volumes.

Tuley-Tillman set fire to a letter from rival Ohio State and posted the photo on twitter.  Yet the 313 pound offensive lineman forgot to set fire to the other letters he received.  The Peoria Manual High School (Peoria, IL) star had offers from Missouri, Notre Dame, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida State, Oklahoma State and Iowa, among other major powers.

Tuley-Tillman must have thought he was being funny or trying to perpetuate a rivalry that doesn’t need his help.  What is amazing is that Tuley-Tillman, in his haste to show his favoritism to the school he had chosen, spit in the face of those who have coddled him since his youth football days.  That is the state of Illinois.

Where was Illinois in this process?  You can understand if they ignored Tuley-Tillman, however that is not probable.  The Illini just hired a brilliant young coach in Tim Beckman from Toledo and linemen are a premium in his offense schemes.  The assumption, based upon the letters this recruit received, is that he is a prize.  So it’s a deduction Beckman went after Tuley-Tillman.

Yet there is no word about the possibility of going to Illinois.  Instead of burning letters on twitter and publicizing a rivalry that doesn’t need help, especially when he won’t be a part of it at least until 2014, Tuley-Tillman should be answering the question of why aren’t you going to the state University?  If he wants to be a name player, stay at home and help the Illini become a better team.  He would become more of a star doing that, than traveling to Michigan where he will be just another offensive lineman.

Michigan is already on the way up under Brady Hoke.  Tuley-Tillman can only keep the tradition going.  At Illinois he has a chance to stay home and make his University relevant again.  That is the challenge.  That is a bigger challenge than beating Ohio State in two, maybe three years.  Tuley-Tillman took the easy way out.  And then he tried to publicize it in a strange, peculiar way.

It’s only a verbal commitment, so it’s conceivable Tuley-Tillman could change his mind.  Certainly Michigan could.  There are class acts that have come out of Michigan, there are some there already.  Brady Hoke has resurrected the Michigan football program and made the Ohio State Rivalry important again.

All without Logan Tuley-Tillman.

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