How I Messed Up My Fantasy Football Draft

fantasy-footballThe Fantasy Football League I am in is in its 28th year, and this past week we had our 2015 draft.

Our league does the draft a little differently than most in that the first half of the draft is auction based ($150) and the last 10 rounds are the more traditional format.

The auction adds an added level of interest to the draft, as we each take turns bringing up players. There is a strategy behind this as you can use it to get your opponents to spend their money early, leaving me potentially to acquire top players are cheaper prices.

That was my plan and I brought up the likes of Aaron Rodgers ($48), Drew Brees ($17), Andrew Luck ($49) and Peyton Manning ($18). I had identified Tony Romo, Sam Bradford and Ryan Tannehill as the quarterbacks I wanted, but ended up with Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and Jay Cutler. Really disappointed with that as I don’t think I can will a title with Stafford as my No.1 QB.

While my QBs were disappointing, my RB group is exceptional with Jeremy Hill, Justin Forsett, DeAngelo Williams, Joseph Randle, Le’Veon Bell and Carlos Hyde. I should be able to use one of them to get me a QB later this season.

At WR I have Andre Johnson, Emmanuel Sanders, Alshon Jeffery, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Stevie Johnson. Not a bad group but lacking a true No.1 WR that will get me 12+ TDs this season.

At tight end I have Owen Daniels, Heath Miller and Zach Ertz while at kicker I have Mason Crosby and Matt Bryant.

Overall I think my running backs are really strong, while my quarter-backs and wide recovers look ok, but not outstanding.

Time to see how they perform!!


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