Holdouts Schmoldouts

I caught some news today about Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson’s holdout, and that Coach Jeff Fisher was making jokes about it. Fisher’s good humor must mean he is either sure that the two will come to an agreement, or sure that his staff can handle it. Fisher and Johnson don’t have much time to work things out. Titans practice begins in June, just a few days from now.

According to ESPN, Johnson “$7.27 million through the first two years of the deal he signed as the 24th pick in the 2008 draft. He is scheduled to make an additional $3.56 million over the remaining three years of his deal.”

He had a great year and won the NFL offensive player award, and now holds out. The Titans are limited in what they can do with the collective bargaining rule that puts a cap on their salary increases. The issue, as it always is, is money. While I know that players need to get their cut while they can, I think they should be held to the same accountability that anyone else is held to. If someone wants and deserves a raise, they come to work. They don’t “holdout” or stay home whining about why they aren’t making more money. Coach Fisher can’t refuse to coach while his players slack off and whine about their money, so why should the players get to do that?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I think holding out is the lowest form of low. Go to work! Ask for more money and prove your worth, but go to work. When you have a good year, sometimes it just means you are doing what you were hired to do.

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