Game Of The Year

Forget the BCS Championship game.  The game of the year is tomorrow at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Undefeated #1 LSU versus undefeated #2 Alabama.  Game of the year, hands down.

The hype leading up to this game has been unbelievable.  Games like this come along so rarely.  In conference games.  Undefeated versus undefeated games.  #1 versus #2 games.  Rivalry games.  These are the kinds of games that college football fans live for.  There will be lots of college football games across America tomorrow, but this is THE game.  There is really no other that matters tomorrow.

Les Miles will take the LSU Tigers to Alabama to face Nick Saban and the Tide.  The atmosphere will be dare I say it, epic.  The stadium itself may be rocking by the time kickoff rolls around and I mean literally.  The emotion.  The nostalgia.  The sea of red will be overwhelming.  The entire season for both of these teams will be on the line.  It’s just that simple.  The winner will almost certainly be in the BCS Championship game while the loser will not.  It’s just that simple.  This game is for all the marbles.  In fact, this game may turn out to be better than ANY upcoming BCS Championship matchup.

This game looks so good on paper.  Les Miles and the LSU offense.  The offense of LSU has been overwhelming this season.  They are ranked 13th overall for points scored.  But there’s another stat that needs to be looked at as well, they are ranked #2 in points allowed meaning they allow VERY few points to be scored on them.  Nick Saban and the Tide however are ranked #1 in points allowed.  The average is 6.5 points.  That’s all they allow their opponents.  The defense is magnificent.  But so also is their running game, ranked 14th overall while the Tigers are ranked 33rd overall in rushing.  The Tide is ranked 63rd in passing yards and LSU is ranked 98th.

The game will feature 2 of the most brilliant college coaching minds to ever coach the game.  Les Miles and Nick Saban.  It will be mesmerizing to watch the moves of this chess game.  These coaches eat, sleep and breathe winning.

Most of the “experts” picking the games have the score close regardless of who they pick to win.  And picking the winner seems to be really an even split between those I’ve heard so far.  The thing that will determine the outcome will of course be turnovers as is the usual in games that are predicted to be close.  I hope that Bama wins, but I’ve yet to pick a winner.  I think it’s going to be so, so close.  Picking a winner is almost impossible to do.

What I also hope is that the paper hype turns out to be for real.  That it is a close game.  An exciting game.  A game to be remembered for all time.  A blowout would be so disappointing after all the hype and knowing these two teams are so well matched.  Where will you be Saturday night at 8pm ET?  If you’re not in front of your TV tuned to CBS for this game, you may miss out on one of the greatest games ever and definitely the game of the year.

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