Freeney Still Hasn’t Practiced

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Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

I know that I picked the Colts to win the Super Bowl and Dwight Freeney hasn’t practiced, but I’m not stepping off my prediction.  The game will be close, but it will exciting too.  Not having Dwight Freeney in the game is going to but one thing:

Make Raheem Brook a household name.

He’s either going to get burned and Robert Mathis will save him or he’ll play better than Dwight Freeney and we’ll wonder where he’s been all out lives.  Personally, I think it will be latter, but who knows for sure, right?

I think a bigger story is the idea that if you’re not routing for the Saints then you’re heartless or brainless.  Really?  Katrina was 5 years ago.  I know some things are still bad down there, but this has nothing to do with charity…it’s a football game!

Plus, the Saints are a classless organization that isn’t good enough for the city of New Orleans…or so I thought until I saw the story of the kid who got sent home from school in Louisiana for wearing a Colts jersey on “Black and Gold” day.

Now, I’ve heard of “spirit days” at school, but those are usually for your school…something everyone can agree on.  A school principal being stupid enough to think that everyone on earth would be a Saints fan–even in Louisiana–is quite pathetic.  Now,
I also heard that they have a “dress code” and that the kids could only break the dress code for Saints attire.  Seriously, this sounds like Stalinist Russia.

Nothing about the Saints has produced anything of redemptive quality and if it has I haven’t seen it.  All of this stuff just makes me want to the Saints to lose even more.

No, I don’t feel bad for the city.  No, I don’t think Drew Brees is a nice guy.  (Oh, BTW, Reggie Bush is still under investigation by the NCAA).  Personally, I think we could say that you are brainless or heartless is you ARE pulling for the Saints, but I won’t say that.

Unlike the principal who sent a kid home for wearing a Colts jersey, I UNDERSTAND that you can like whichever team you choose…but I still get to hope they lose if I don’t like them.

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