Favre Helped McCoy during Lockout

It’s no secret the Cleveland Browns will rely upon the talents of quarterback Colt McCoy this season to finally lead them to the promised land.  Team President Mike Holmgren brought in a new coach in first year man Pat Shurmur, who planned on installing the west coast offense.

This is an offense Holmgren used in Green Bay to win a Super Bowl, and in Seattle to get into one.  The west coast is a very successful offense, however it is tough to learn and it requires experience in it and reading of the defense.  But without the benefit of a full off season, thanks to the lockout, McCoy was supposed to be behind the eight-ball as this season began.

If last Saturday night is any indication, McCoy is ahead of the learning curve.  He was 9 of 10 for a quarterback rating over 154 in an opening pre season game win over the Green Bay Packers.  It appears McCoy has a better grasp of the offense than many thought he could have at this point.  However he might have had help during the lockout.

McCoy knew he was in trouble the longer the lockout went on.  As he sat in Texas wondering what to do, he decided the best way to learn the offense was to learn from one of the best.  So he placed a call to Brett Favre and traveled to Mississippi for a few days to be tutored by Favre in the idiosyncrasies of the west coast offense.

Favre learned the West Coast system while playing for Holmgren in Green Bay. McCoy questioned and accepted all the information he could from the three time NFL MVP.  Now the question remains whose idea was it to call Favre and ask for the sessions.

The Browns were one of the teams that were reprimanded by the league for having too much contact with some of their players during the lockout.  Could it be this is the reason?  Logic would suggest it wasn’t McCoy that picked up the phone to call Favre.

Intelligent minds would think it was more of collaboration between McCoy, Holmgren and Favre.  It’s easier to believe Holmgren knew of the dilemma McCoy was in and decided to do something about it.

Having secret meetings with Shurmur was too obvious.  But who would think of Favre?  Holmgren would know that, could call Favre at a moment’s notice and know his former QB would pick up the phone.  Then he could set up the meeting between his past QB and current.

Obviously happy with McCoy was Shurmur.   Shurmur tutored Sam Bradford in St. Louis as offensive coordinator last year and knows the west coast will work.  Shurmur spoke gleefully about his second year QB after Saturday’s game.

“He saw what was going on extremely well. He was pretty accurate with his throws and pretty solid with his decision making. But again, once you have what would be considered a solid performance, then it’s all about consistency.”

McCoy and the rest of the Browns will get a chance to build off his impressive game this Friday, when the Browns host Detroit.  No word yet on whether Favre will be there.

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