Favre Contemplating Comback….Again

It seems as though the NFL lockout is close to being over.  Both sides have agreed to the proposed agreement and the players will vote this week to ratify it.  But with the new agreement comes an old, boring and impractical story.

Brett Favre is back in the news.  With the end of the lockout, it’s now time to prove the annual stories about another Favre comeback.  This time it’s won’t be with Minnesota.  So what team is actually interested in the fossil?

Rumors are flying about that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in bringing back Favre to be the backup to Michael Vick.  This would be a move for insurance and to be a mentor for the 2010 Comeback Player of the Year.

The Eagles need a backup because they plan on trading Kevin Kolb as soon as trades are allowed when the lockout is lifted.  Kolb is set to go to Arizona, which means Philly needs and experienced backup.  However is Favre interested in a year sitting behind Vick?  That said, Favre has never been known as the mentoring type.  Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

Favre to Philly may be unlikely, but it does make sense.  Eagles head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg are familiar with Favre from his days in Green Bay, and you’ve got a good fit for Favre’s talents.  Favre knows the offense and could take over quickly, even without the benefit of training camp.

If the league year starts Wednesday, training camps will be limited.   In past seasons, Favre has always marched to his own drummer when it comes to that part of the preseason.  He likes to sit back and rake in the millions just to come to camp.

If Favre would join the Eagles as a backup, Vick is ready and on board with the idea.  Vick was all over the rumor Sunday and tweeted his approval.

“I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup.  That will be amazing to learn to toy with defenses the way he did his entire career.”

If the case had to be made to pursue Favre as a backup, one only needs to watch how Vick plays.  His vicious style led to injuries in 2010, and the four games he missed, and it’s clear they need someone familiar with a West Coast Offense that has real wide receivers.

With the lockout coming to an end and the shortened practice schedule negotiated into the new CBA, a veteran quarterback is a valuable commodity.  No matter how frustrating it is ever year to listen to the Favre stories about retiring or staying, this story makes sense.  The only question is can Favre settle his ego sitting on the Philly bench watching Vick run the offense?

Odds are No!

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