Fail x2

Go Skins!
So, Albert Haynesworth is a big fail x2.  Twice this week he has tried to complete Coach Shanahan’s conditioning tests and twice he has failed.  Reports are that this test consists of two 300 yard shuttle runs.  Shanahan has said Haynesworth won’t be able to practice until he passes and that even when he does he will start out practicing with the reserves.  That’s what you get for holding out and mouthing off in a Shanahan organization apparently.

Haynesworth is fast becoming a guy you really love to hate.  He whined about a 3/4 defense.  Didn’t want to play it.  Wants to play what he wants to play, how he wants to play.  As if he runs the team.  Dude, they are paying you 100 million dollars if they want you to put on a tutu and tights and carry water bottles you better do it like you love it.  I’m beginning to understand now why the Titans let him go.  Lots of people wondered, why would the Titans not sign this beast of a player.  I think we are getting our answer.  He might be great on the field but off it he’s a whiny and apparently now out of shape overpaid problem.

It has been reported that Haynesworth is in trouble financially.  Owing millions to a bank for a loan.  Seems to me he needs to shut up and start playing to earn his money to get himself straightened out.  He has said that he doesn’t want to be a distraction anymore.  You think failing a conditioning test twice and having it plastered all over every sports media outlet isn’t a distraction.  There are even reports that he had to take a “bathroom break” in the middle of his shuttle runs.  Say what?!

Shanahan may be sorry Haynesworth ever came back to play at all for the Redskins.  I think he’s just an overpaid whiny problem waiting to happen and this fail x2 is just the beginning.

Deborah Horton Writing

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