Expansion Mania

The rumors are flying fast and furious that the SEC is going to be growing by leaps and bounds.  Of course the truth is probably less expansive.

It is an almost certainty that Texas A&M will announce that they will be making the move to the SEC.  It looks like almost everything is in place for A&M to become the newest member of the SEC.  There will be a Board of Regents meeting at A&M on Monday August 15 that will include officials from the Big 12 and the SEC word has it.

The rumors continue to fly about what other teams might join the SEC.  A&M would make it an uneven split so it would stand to reason that at least 1 more team will join the SEC.  The teams being bandied about were Missouri, Florida State and Clemson.  Missouri’s AD came out Saturday morning and stated that they were NOT moving to the SEC.  So that leaves Florida State and Clemson from the ACC.  It seems that Florida State is being reported as having the most serious talks as of right now to make the move.

If Florida State does join along with A&M that would push the SEC to 14 teams total.  A&M is said to be leaving the Big 12 mainly due to Texas’ new television deal with ESPN that will garner them $300 million in revenue over the next 20 years.  Texas received a bit of a setback this week when the NCAA ruled on Thursday that  that the Longhorn Network would not be able to air 18 high school football games after other Big 12 schools protested that the broadcasts would give Texas an obvious recruiting advantage, which is absolutely true.  But they still will have a lot of exposure through the new network and a lot of revenue.

There has been of course rumors flying on who might replace A&M in the Big 12 but so far none of those have turned into anything concrete.  Some of the most rumored are University of Houston, BYU and Air Force.  There are those who are wishfully thinking that TCU decides not to join the Big East and comes into the Big 12.  Others are also wondering if a conference with Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Houston, SMU, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Iowa State would still be considered worthy enough for AQ status.  And the plot thickens.

One thing is an almost certainty – Texas A&M will join the SEC.  What happens after that is still yet to be seen.  Expansion mania rolls on.

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