Down To The Wire

The NFL season continues its inexorable march to the post season and the AFC North appears to be going down to the wire.

The Steelers and Ravens have the same win/loss record.  The Ravens hold the tie breaker by virtue of their two wins over the Steelers this season.  Both have a place in the post season, it’s just not decided yet who has the division and who has the wild card.  Or is it?

The Steelers will play the Rams this weekend without the aid of their QB Big Ben.  He has been ruled out of Saturday’s game with his high ankle sprain and Charlie Batch will take his place on the field.  The Rams have not played well at all this season and it looks like QB Sam Bradford will not start yet again.  So, conceivably, even with Batch the Steelers could win the game.

The Ravens on the other hand get to face the Browns.  A game that they should win without much trouble.  That will keep them even with the Steelers should they win as well.

Then it all comes down to the next weekend.  The Steelers get the Browns and the Ravens get the Bengals.  Again, games the teams should win.  If everybody wins out, then the Ravens win the division and the Steelers get the wild card.

But, what if one or both teams lose, one or more games.  That could change things.  And let’s say the Jets win their last 2 games.  That would put them at 10-6 and the if the Steelers were to somehow lose their last 2 games they would also be at 10-6.  Things would certainly get dicey then.  Or what if the Steelers win both games and the Ravens lose and the Jets win both games.  The more you speculate the more it boggles the mind.

Scenario speculation as I like to call it really only serves to fill 24 hours of sports media programming.  In real life, it’s mostly just a waste of time.  The odds are that both the Ravens and Steelers win their last 2 games and the Ravens win the division and the Steelers get the wild card and the Jets get left out in the cold.  It remains to be seen how Big Ben’s ankle heals in time for the post season.  My bet is the Steelers don’t play him the last 2 games and just let him rest until the playoffs start.

The NFL post season, down to the wire.

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