Cut It Out

Jay Cutler has high hopes for the Chicago Bears this season.  He has only good things to say about Mike Martz.  He believes that he can be the top QB the Bears hoped when they traded away the everything and the kitchen sink to get him.  He is of course wrong.

Cutler has some very fatal flaws that will never allow him to be the QB some once thought he was.  He has shown flickers of above average skills, but in an overall picture he is at best functional and at worst indecisive.  Last season, he had a league high interceptions.  Towards the end of the season, he looked as if he was absolutely going against any play calls made by Ron Turner.  Some even accused him of wanting to get Turner gone so he played less than his best.  I think that’s the best he can play and people just don’t want to accept it.

Cutler cannot work under pressure.  He cannot control himself to the point where he doesn’t overthrow or completely miss targets downfield.  Even yesterday in camp he was missing targets and throwing interceptions.  In training camp people.  He always looks as if he feels uncomfortable.  Unsure of himself.  Unsure of his receivers.  Unsure of his coaches play calling.  He lacks confidence.  No matter what game he talks off the field, when he’s on it you can see exactly what he’s made of.

Most pre-season polls have the Bears ranked in the bottom tier of teams.  Cutler disagrees with this assessment, but these predictions couldn’t be more right.  The Bears gambled on a barely upgraded Rex Grossman clone and now they are stuck with him.  Cutler will be no better this year than he was last.  It’s too bad the Bears can’t just cut him out.

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo credit: kapowe

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