Controlling Fate

Several teams in the NFL control their own fate coming down to the last 2 games of the regular season.  Their goal now is just to win the last 2 games and then let the post season chips fall where they may.

The Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Giants and Cowboys are all in control of their own fates.  Some of these teams have an easier road than others, but all have only one place they need to go, the win column.

The Falcons have the Saints and the Bucs left.  The Saints always give the Falcons a difficult game.  It generally comes down to the last minutes of the game or even overtime.  A lot of the sports media have picked the Saints to win this game by 10 points.  That has historically not been the case with these two teams.  It is usually a battle royal with only a few points separating the two at the end of the game.  It all depends on how the Falcons play, they control their own fate.  Play well, and they can win.  Play badly, and they can see the post season disappear.

The Lions have the Chargers and then the Packers.  The Chargers seem to be having a bit of a resurgence over the last couple of games playing much better football than they have the first part of the season.  The Lions then get the Packers.  While a lot of people thought the Packers would come in to this game still sporting a perfect season, that is no longer the case.  The Lions may want to make a point though that they can beat them too.  But the Pack may have other ideas.

The Broncos suffered defeat at the hands of the Patriots but they will surely be looking to prove they have what it takes to win and get to the post season.  They have the Bills and then the Chiefs.  Before last week, almost everyone would have thought they could beat these two teams.  But then the Chiefs beat the undefeated Packers and the Broncos lost to the Pats.  People started to lose faith, as it were.  I think jumping off the Broncos bandwagon too quickly is a mistake.  I think they make the playoffs, but 1 game is all they will get.  Still, for those on the Tebow bandwagon it will be enough to justify his keeping the starting job.

The Raiders get the Chiefs fresh off their win over the Packers and then the Chargers to finish the season.  The Chiefs will either be coming down off their Packers high or they will be emboldened from the win.  That will determine how the play the Raiders.  The Raiders then get the resurgent Chargers.  Of course, what the Raiders want most is for the Broncos to lose the next 2 games.  But that is something they can’t control.

The Giants and Cowboys are in control of their fate, except in their case that fate is intertwined.  This week the Giants get the Jets and the Cowboys get the Eagles in two of the biggest rivalry matchups of the year.  With these 4 teams you never know who is going to come out the winner.  Honestly, it’s a coin toss.  For the last game of the season, the Giants get the Cowboys in what could determine both teams fates.  It is one of those rare instances in which two teams face off that are in direct competition for the same playoff spot.  The pressure to win this week will be enormous for both teams so that they can come into the last game of the season.  For the Cowboys to gain ground, the Giants have to lose both games.  That is their only hope.

Six teams all controlling fate…or at least trying to.

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