Confidence Picks

Mike and Mike do confidence picks before game weekend, and I wanted to do the same with the Super Bowl to start to get an idea of who I think would win the game.  The only thing is that it’s hard to just say that these confidence picks are the definitive word on the game.  It’s just a start.

The categories are simple:  quarterbacks, coaches, defense.

Let’s take a look.

Quarterbacks.  Who am I more confident in in this game?  Well, given that Tom Brady has lost a Super Bowl to Eli Manning, we have to say that it’s Eli Manning.  However, Brady has looked pretty good this season.  We can’t say he isn’t clutch, but is he as clutch as Eli Manning?

No.  He isn’t.  In the end, Eli can do anything.  Tom can do almost anything in the playoffs.  Advantage: Eli.

Defenses.  Do I trust the Giants defense or the Patriots defense more?  The Giants defense has gotten hot over the course of the season.  The Patriots defense has as well, but the Patriots defense was really bad statistically.  In the end, the Patriots cannot create pressure like the Giants can.  That’s something I would be willing to bet on.  Advantage:  Giants.

Coaches.  We all know that Bill Belichick is great, but Tom Coughlin isn’t terrible.  He’s just as good.  Right now, Coughlin’s team is just as hot as the Patriots.  However, they are both calculated and know how to get their team to perform when it counts.  This one’s a draw.

Adding up these picks, of course it would seem that I think that the Giants will win the game, but there are other things we can take into account–that we will take into account as I look at the game.  This is but one way of looking at things.


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