Colts Interview Tressel

Blue for the Colts
The Indianapolis Colts talked to Jim Tressel about their head coaching job, and while it is a whole season since the fallout at OSU, I think we have to wonder if it’s wise to talk to this guy and even consider making him your new head coach.  I’m sure he would be great, but is this who you want running the show?  I know that a pro football team can keep tabs on you, but is this the publicity that you want?

Well, if you think about it, the Eagles took on Michael Vick and that worked out fine (in that, it’s fine now–the whole universe isn’t pissed off about it anymore.)

So, when you see that Jim Tressel is close to being the head coach of an NFL team, we have to realize that the fans will get over it pretty quick.  Unless you have old OSU fans who are Colts fans, you should be ok.  I don’t anticipate any picketers or anybody like that.  Also, I don’t anticipate that the players are going to hate it.  I bet, if anything, they respect what he did at Ohio State.

I have some questions though about how he would run an NFL team.  This is always a question when you are looking at a college coach going to the NFL.  Jim Harbaugh was a player, so it worked.  Jim Tressel was not, so it might not.  It can be hard to motivate guys, and when they have the same issues as you, they may not feel inclined to respect you especially if you got fired in a spectacle from your last job.

Do I think Tressel would be good?  Yes.  Do I think it’ll be a big deal if he gets hired?  For a bit.  Am I intrigued?  Yes, very much.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Valerie Everett


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