Oakland Raiders 2015 Tickets

Regular season schedule
Aug. 14 St. Louis Rams (Preseason) – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Aug. 22 at Minnesota Vikings (Preseason)  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Aug. 30 Arizona Cardinals (Preseason)  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Sept. 3 at Seattle Seahawks (Preseason)  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets

Sep. 13 Cincinnati Bengals  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Sep. 20 Baltimore Ravens  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Sep. 27 at Cleveland Browns  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets

Oct. 4 at Chicago Bears  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Oct. 11 Denver Broncos  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets
Oct. 18 BYE
Oct. 25 at San Diego Chargers  – Buy Oakland Raiders Tickets

New York Giants 2015 Tickets

Last season was a disappointing one for Giants fans. With Manning and Beckham, can they make another Super Bowl Run?

Aug. 14 at Cincinnati Bengals (Preseason) – Buy New York Giants Tickets
Aug. 22 Jacksonville Jaguars (Preseason)  – Buy New York Giants Tickets
Aug. 29 New York Jets (Preseason)  – Buy New York Giants Tickets
Sep. 3 at New England Patriots (Preseason)  – Buy New York Giants Tickets

Sep. 13 at Dallas Cowboys  – Buy New York Giants Tickets
Sep. 20 Atlanta Falcons  – Buy New York Giants Tickets
Sep. 24 Washington Redskins  – Buy New York Giants Tickets

Kansas City Chiefs 2015 Tickets

The 2014 season was a disappointment for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs as injuries ravaged their season. Can Reid guide the Chiefs back into the playoffs this year?

Regular season schedule
Aug. 15 at Arizona Cardinals (Preseason) – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets
Aug. 21 Seattle Seahawks (Preseason)  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets
Aug. 28 Tennessee Titans (Preseason)  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

Sep. 3 at St. Louis Rams (Preseason)  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets
Sep. 13 at Houston Texans  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets
Sep. 17 Denver Broncos  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets
Sep. 28 at Green Bay Packers  – Buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 Tickets

Aug. 14 Pittsburgh Steelers (Preseason) – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Aug. 22 at New York Giants (Preseason)  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Aug. 28 Detroit Lions (Preseason)  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Sept. 3 at Washington Redskins (Preseason)  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars

Sep. 13 Carolina Panthers  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Sep. 20 Miami Dolphins  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Sep. 27 at New England Patriots  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars

Oct. 4 at Indianapolis Colts  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Oct. 11 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Oct. 18 Houston Texans  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars
Oct. 25 Buffalo Bills  – Buy Jacksonville Jaguars

Green Bay Packers 2015 Tickets

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN*This, along with Seattle, is the highest win total in the NFL this year. Eleven wins is a TON. You think about all the success for the Packers under Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers but you probably don’t realize they’ve only won more than 11 games twice. Another two times they’ve won exactly 11, so it’s not like they aren’t winning, but 11 is a lot. Of course, look at the schedule this year and if you can see 5 road wins from a team returning its entire offense — including would-be free agents Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga — and most of the defense then you can feel comfortable taking the over. I see San Francisco, Chicago, Minnesota and Oakland as road wins. Add seven home wins and you just need to snake one somewhere.

Detroit Lions 2015 Tickets

It has been a transformative offseason for the Lions, even if it has been a relatively quiet one. They lost Ndamukong Suh but acquired Haloti Ngata on a defense that looks questionable, although doubt Teryl Austin’s ability to impact that unit at your own risk. The offense appears to be a more run-heavy unit this season. Even with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson on hand, there has been a lot invested into the run game, including a trade to acquire Manny Ramirez and a first-round pick of mauling Duke guard Laken Tomlinson. Oh yeah, and explosive Nebraska back Ameer Abdullah. The Lions even drafted a fullback! It wouldn’t stun me if they were this year’s Cowboys.

Denver Broncos 2015 Tickets

Last season ended up in disappointment for Peyton Manning and the Broncos as they lost at home to the Colts. This season Manning is expected to rewrite the NFL record books, and we have tickets to all of Denver’s games, both home and on the road.

Denver Broncos 2015 Schedule
Aug. 14 at Seattle Seahawks (Preseason) – Buy Denver Broncos Tickets
Aug. 22 at Houston Texans (Preseason) – Buy Denver Broncos Tickets
Aug. 29 San Francisco 49ers (Preseason) – Buy Denver Broncos Tickets
Sep. 3 Arizona Cardinals (Preseason) – Buy Denver Broncos Tickets

Chicago Bears 2015 Tickets

Ryan Pace hasn’t been afraid to switch things up in his first year as GM. He shipped out Brandon Marshall, although he replaced the volatile receiver with first-round pick Kevin White, who is going to be a beast next to Alshon Jeffery. Martellus Bennett has contract issues … and Jay Cutler is still under center. John Fox has a history of flipping teams around in quick fashion but the only defensive line help they really got was Eddie Goldman as Chicago shifts to a 3-4 defense. There are some nice pieces on defense but this is a tough, tough division.

Dallas Cowboys 2015 Tickets

romo-bryantVegas is really expecting the Cowboys to keep up their roll from 2014. Or at the very least, Vegas is expecting everyone to THINK the Cowboys will continue their success into 2015. It’s logical. The additions of Greg Hardy (even with his suspension) and Randy Gregory are questionable moral moves perhaps but they’re strong football adds if they work out. Dallas’ defense should be better. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Jason Witten are all back. The offensive line is probably the best in the NFL. Not overpaying for DeMarco Murray was smart. But I can’t shake questions about Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden shouldering the load for this offense.

Minnesota Vikings 2015 Tickets

The Vikings are a big-time playoff sleeper heading into 2015. Mike Zimmer did a nice job with this roster last year and this defense could be in for a huge season. It’s stacked with young, impact players at nearly every position and they added Trae Waynes and Eric Kendricks early in the draft. Adrian Peterson is miffed at the team but if he comes out angry it’s only going to benefit the offense. Teddy Bridgewater was outstanding down the stretch in 2014 (72.3 completion percentage and 273 yards per game in December) and Charles Johnson/Mike Wallace/Cordarrelle Patterson should be an improved trio over last year’s receivers.