Carolina Panthers To Keep first Pick?

09-13-08 Panthers Game 045It will be a busy off-season for the Carolina Panthers who have to find a new coach to replace John Fox. Oh yeah, and their is that number one pick in the draft that they need to do something about.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson met with the local media yesterday and spoke about what he is looking for in a new coach and what they will do with that number one pick.

On a new coach Richardson said that the Panthers have asked and received permission to talk to New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera:

“I think most of the playoffs teams have hired assistant coaches that have become head coaches. I’m not sure of that, but I think that’s probably the case. I happen to know that’s the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

On that number one pick, Richardson expects to keep it saying:

“We’re looking for someone that can be a topflight player and hopefully make us a better team. And I have no doubt if you have the first pick, we’re likely to do that.”

It’s a long time to the draft and I cannot see the Panthers keeping it unless they feel that Jimmy Clausen is not an NFL quarterback. I feel he can be, which is why I expect the Panthers to trade out of the first spot and pick up some additional picks (players) that the team desperately needs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Trostle

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