Cam Newton Might Be Better Than I Thought

Did you see the preseason game that the Panthers played the other day?  Am I the only person who noticed that Cam Newton looks presidential?  I mean, he looks like the leader of the Panthers.  He looks like a guy I would follow into battle.  Plus, he throws the ball pretty well.

Everybody is going on about how his throwing motion isn’t too bad.  In fact, it looks like he’s even farther along than Tim Tebow (and Cam just got here.)  So, maybe my prediction about when Cam starts needs to change a little bit.

New prediction: 

Cam will be starting day one for the Panthers.  I just don’t see any way that the Panthers can justify putting Jimmy Clausen in as the starter unless he is completing 100% of his passes.  Since we know that isn’t going to happen, I think this is Cam’s team until we are notified otherwise.

The bottom line is that Cam is big, athletic, he doesn’t throw badly, and he can make plays last because he’s so stinking athletic.  It’s a catch-22 that the Panthers can probably live with.  They have a superior talent who is progressing faster than most of us thought.  He’s like Mike Vick, but he has the benefit of entering the league AFTER Mike Vick and seeing all the msitakes that Vick made so he won’t repeat them.

If Cam Newton has any brain cells at all, he’ll study film like a mad dog.  He’ll be the first one in and the last one out everyday.  He’ll decide to pass BEFORE trying to just use his legs, and he’ll be relatively humble (not too humble.)

That combination alone could win the Panthers 6 games.  No, really, I mean it.  I can see him winning six games by himself.  It wouldn’t be out of the question.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew Tosh


  1. http://Ben says

    Presidential? I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  2. http://Danilo says

    I dont think you saw the same game!!! He does have better talent, but jimmy moved the offense better! Against the starting defense!!! I think jimmy should go in as the starter! If he doesnt succed then yes start cam, but there is no rush, its not like they are in win now mode! Even if they were they would stand a chance, last year was rough for jimmy but he looks better! I say start him and see what happens! If you bench jimmy now he will lose Trust in the team, and if cam fails early due to experience than carolina will suffer more from that outcome! Start Jimmy!!!

  3. http://James says

    He dominated the SEC. he will prove worthy of the #1 pick. He has a great run game and coaching. In many cases, his criticism is stereotypical. I agree he is presidential on the field.

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