Bye Bye David Garrard

Jaguars Game
I’m retelling this story because I was right, and because I think it’s intriguing given that David Garrard was flat CUT by the Jacksonville Jaguars with days left until their opener.

It was November 2009.  My wife was in a foreign country with a mission group from our church, and she told me I should take the kids to Disney World.  We’re Disney people, so that’s not a big deal, and it was a GREAT trip.  I was driving back on a Sunday, and there wasn’t much on the radio, but, in north Florida, I caught the Sunday night game which was a Jags game.  Plus, I was getting the local broadcast.

He wasn’t having a terrible game, but the way the local announcers talked about Garrard, it was as if they just hated his guts.  They talked about talking to fans who were displeased with his performance, and they said that they just didn’t understand some of the decisions he made.  They were all over him the whole time I heard the game.

I got me to thinking that the whole city was against Garrard.  I was like Donovan McNabb in Philly, only, much less publicized because it was Jacksonville.

So, then I started watching the Jags and noticed that it was that way all the time.  It never stopped.  They were never going to be good enough for people to get behind him.  It was just a mess.  Moreover, they weren’t really selling tickets, and that was making the team even more antsy.

However, when they drafted Gabbert, I thought it would take a bit before Garrard was on the outs.  I thought he’d start the season, get his chance, and then they’d move on.  I never imagined he’d be cut and they’d go with Luke McCown.

What a business the NFL is.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik

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