Buffalo Bills Offseason

The thought of the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs is hard for some to believe. Well the idea of the Bills trying to improve their team is hard for most to believe. Well if you still think the Bills aren’t trying to win now then you are fooling yourself.

At the end of last season, Buffalo General Manager Bills Buddy Nix said that the Bills were going to be aggressive in free agency. I will admit I got a little nervous when reports came out the Bills were far apart with Steve Johnson. But I’m sure every Bills fan felt that way. Buddy said he wanted to sign Stevie Johnson and guess what he did. Kudos to Stevie taking less money to stay in Buffalo as it shows really wanted to be here.

Buddy Nix also said he wanted to keep his core guys here and he has managed to do that. . Johnson, Fitzpatrick, Kyle Williams, Scott Chandler…even got Kirk Morrison and Bryan Scott back.

Then he went out and made all of the non-believers out there into believers by signing Mario Williams to a record setting contract. The week after he signs Mark Anderson to make the defensive line completely stacked. Our defense changed pretty much overnight and so did the hype in Buffalo

All I can say is wow

Just wow

When Mario Williams signed I wont lie I got emotional… I have spent the better part of the last decade with a dull feeling of nothing ever going to happen with the Bills now there is a real reason for hope

I commend Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey…now take us that next step further and get us that championship…


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