Browns Need More than Griffin III

Is quarterback the position the Cleveland Browns should go after this off season?  If you listen to the media and some fans, quarterback is the spot where this team falls short.  Colt McCoy spent this season as the starter and struggled most of the year.  Whether it was McCoy or the offensive system installed on the fly by Coach Pat Shurmur, quarterback was a problem.  But not as much as the positions of Wide Receiver, Linebacker, defensive back and offensive line.

Yes there are several holes in the Browns roster and all need particular attention paid to them.  For some, if the quarterback were a Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III of Baylor instead of McCoy, all these holes would be cured in an instance.  That is just a pipe dream.

Peyton Manning, if healthy, can take any team and make it better.  Yes that is the sign of a great quarterback, someone that can make the players around him better and more productive.  Manning proved that has been the case just by not stepping on the field this season for the Colts.

If Manning leaves the Colts, he will sign on with a team that has a chance at the Super Bowl over the next three seasons.  Manning thinks he has three seasons left and he wants another Super Bowl title to match his brother Eli.  Cleveland isn’t that spot, no matter what talent they have on the roster.  There are two chances he comes to the Browns as a free agent…Slim and none.

If McCoy isn’t the answer, are the Browns willing to turn over their entire draft for him?  That is what it will take.  If it leaks the Browns are in love with Griffin, it will sabotage their draft strategy.  Currently the Browns have the 4th, 22nd and 37th pick in the first and second rounds.  St. Louis drafts second with the Vikings third.  Neither needs a quarterback.  But they might trade their picks to teams below the Browns that want Griffin also, teams like Miami or Washington.

The Browns are in a unique position to make a deal to get Griffin, if they want him.  Two things would happen if they decide Griffin is their man.  One is they would have to trade at least two of their top three picks to move up.  Second they will start all over with a new quarterback and set the rebuilding back at least two years, something most fans don’t want.

For a team like the Browns is it prudent to trade away talent for one player?  Griffin may appear to have the talent, but so have other quarterbacks drafted in the first round.  According to most draft talking heads Griffin most resembles Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Vick hasn’t exactly turned the NFL on its head.

Cleveland needs more talent on their roster.  With more talent, McCoy will become a better QB.  An off season of workouts and training will also make McCoy better.  With a talent influx from the draft on this team, it will make McCoy better.  McCoy may not be the type of quarterback that can make talent better, but he is a player that can win games with talent around him.

That is what Cleveland needs right now.


  1. A Cleveland Browns post…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Are you from Cleveland? Because no one else cares about Cleveland.

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