Brady Rolls On

Four games left in the NFL season and talk is increasing on the leagues Most Valuable Player.  Sunday morning pre game shows are touting Phillip Rivers of the Chargers.  Peyton Manning is still in the conversation, while Tom Brady keeps rolling along for the Pats.

This weekend proved to the world who the best player in the league is this year.  Even Justin Bieber knows it.  His hair is flowing this year and so is his leadership.  Tom Brady is proving to be the elite QB in the league and without him, the Patriots would be battling to finish .500.

Coach Bill Belichick has been slowly rebuilding the Patriots over the past two years.  The receiving core is almost brand new.  Wes Welker is he only productive receiver left from the 2008 season.  You might want to include Dion Branch, who left the team but returned this season after Randy Moss was traded. 

The offensive line has undergone a transformation.  The only holdover is Logan Mankins, and he will be gone after the season in a contract dispute.  But they still make the attorney firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis look good enough at running back to take the pressure off Brady and sustain drives.

The Patriots deepest position and the most talented might be at tight end.  Arizona Rookie Rob Gronkowski and Florida’s Aaron Hernandez have pulled off replacing Ben Watson.  But Alge Crumpler has turned himself into one of the best blocking tight end in the league.

Need we talk about the defense?  Belichick’s forte.  It has been said that Belichick could take anyone, put them together and have a good defense.  He is proving that this year.  He has Gerald Warren, a veteran defensive lineman that has been in Cleveland and Oakland and never lived up to his potential.  Vince Wilfork is the only Pro Bowl caliber defensive player.  Even a rookie starts at one CB in Devin McCourty.

Tom Brady has been the difference.  Already the winner of three Super Bowls, Brady has been to the pinnacle.  In 2008 he suffered the ACL injury in the first game that caused him to miss the entire season.  It also caused the Pats to miss the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.  However with Brady returning last year, the Pats coincidently made it back to the playoffs.

This year Brady has taken on a new role.  The role of team leader off the field.  Nobody disputed his leadership role on the field, but off he was sometimes the follower.  This year, Brady realized he needed to show these new, young players they way.  The way to greatness, not just the playoffs. 

By far, Brady’s worst game of the season was in week 9 in Cleveland.  A 34-14 loss to the Browns.   Since that game, Brady has taken the team, put it on his shoulders and they have yet to lose another game.  Currently the Pats are on par to take the best record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

No doubt Rivers and Manning are important to their teams.  But neither are playoff bound right now.  Take Brady off the Pats and you have an entirely different team, philosophy and probably, record.  This team has rallied and followed Brady to the top.  That is what makes an MVP.


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