Blame Game

It’s already started, even in the preseason, but it will get much worse once the regular season rolls around.  The blame game has already ratcheted up for some teams and the excuses are already wearing thin.

Some teams have come out of the starting block looking like they are already done for the season.  Even after only one game, their fans and sportswriters are writing them off.  So, these teams start to come up with who to blame for their troubles.  It’s a lot like the federal government if you think about it.  Always the fault of someone or something else.

Most of course started off with the, there was a lockout and we had no time to practice as a team.   That’s just lame.  I don’t recall anything in the lockout preventing teammates from joining together in some other place to work out together.  Was this something I missed?  No, it wasn’t.  These teams players could have gotten together and worked out as much and as often as they wanted to.  There were teams and players that did this and then there were teams and players that did not.  Matthew Stafford and his Lions teammates come to mind.  They worked out often over the lockout together.  Looks like it was a good idea.

Then, teams started saying how players had not worked out as much because they couldn’t use the team facilities.  Excuse me?! You mean to tell me that these players who make tons of money don’t have their own workout equipment or access to a gym?  I’m sorry….that’s just ludicrous.  If they were not in shape for the season then it’s nobody’s fault but their own.  There is no excuse to come to the season out of shape when it is your JOB to be in shape and ready to play.  No excuse.

Teams also have used the excuse that their new players didn’t have time to get to know the system and work with other players.  Rookies didn’t have the time and access to learn what they needed to know.  Trades and free agent pickups didn’t have the chance to learn how they do it before the games started.  Football is football.  There is no reason you can’t start off new guys and rookies with some basic play calling action to get them into the games.  Did anyone see Julio Jones for the Falcons or Mark Ingram for the Saints??  Football is football…..and these players acclimated to it just fine.  Oh and let’s not forget Ryan Mallett, rookie QB for the Patriots, he could beat some of these blaming teams right now and he just started.

Believe me, these same teams will be doing the blame game right into the regular season.  If they still are playing badly, they will be blaming everyone and everything they can think of.  With the lockout, they have a perceived out in which to do so.  But only to fans and media who are blind to the truth.  If your team’s not ready to play, it’s nobody’s fault but their own.  Stop the blame game.

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