BCS Chaos–The Unthinkable


Rematch, anyone?

Oklahoma State has lost in a stunning upset to Iowa State.

(I would like to send my condolences to the Oklahoma State family as they lost two women’s basketball coaches in a plane crash and surely their hearts were heavy trying to play what will turn out to be a very meaningful football game, but it couldn’t have seemed more meaningless in comparison to them.  You’re in your thoughts and prayers.)

Now that both Stanford and Okie State have lost, one would presume that Alabama is going to slide right back into the number two pot in the BCS and we could actually get a BCS rematch game.  Now, how will this work?  Is there anybody else out there who could sneak in there?

In my estimation, only Oregon has a decent shot at climbing up the rankings high enough to meet LSU in the title game.  That is, we’re assuming that LSU is going to win out and win the SEC title game.  What then, chuckleheads?

What if LSU loses the SEC title game or loses to Arkansas?  Then what do we do?

Oh yeah, the BCS completely reshuffles and there’s no telling who is going to be ranked where in the computers or the polls.  I know for sure that we’d have some teams we had long left for dead itching to get into the title game, but I don’t know who that would be.  I mean, how do we even quantify this stuff when there are so many teams with one loss?

I can easily see a Bama and LSU rematch if that’s all that there is.  However, if LSU loses, then I guess Alabama moves back to number one and we have to find someone to fit into the number two slot.  I guess that would Oregon?  So, Oregon would go to the title game two years in a row?

Wow.  All I got is wow.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew Tosh

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