Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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The NFL is going to vote today on the site for the 2014 Super Bowl and one of the leading contenders is the New Meadowlands in New Jersey.  Yes, New Jersey.  An outdoor stadium in February in Jersey.  No, it’s not a joke people.  The average high temp for February 2 in that part of New Jersey is 39.

There are a lot of people out there who have condemned the possible choice of New Jersey because they think it would not be a level playing field.  That if a cold weather team were in the big game and a warm weather or dome team, the cold weather team would have an advantage.  Let’s go one step further, what if the Giants or Jets were in the game, they would have both cold weather and home field advantage.  However, part of the game of football is the fact that in some games, in some venues, the weather can make all the difference.  And in order to win, both teams have to overcome the same obstacles.  Sure, one may be better equipped to do so, but it is how football is played.

Some people are complaining that a cold weather location would keep a lot of people from coming to the game.  So, there are 100,000 who go to the game and 1oo billion who watch on TV.  Stop whining, I’m not feeling your pain.  I’m watching at home on my sofa at a party with friends….and I’m warm.  Just because you can’t play golf or hop into the ocean for a swim, that has nothing to do with the game of football.

I think that any stadium or venue that wants to be considered should be considered.  Like the Olympics.  Have a competition.  Have a vote and may the best city win.  Teams will then make adjustments based on where it is….which is what they do every single game played outside of their home stadium for 17 weeks a season.  The Super Bowl should be no different.  Bid, vote, play….then the whiners who are going to the game can either pack a parka or a swimsuit and 100 billion people will STILL be watching and the athletes involved will still think it’s the single greatest thing to happen to them in their careers.

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    And so New Jersey it is….now no more whining and get a blanket! LOL

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