And That Happened

Weekend number 1 of the college football 2011 season is in the books and that happened.  That being my obvious mistake in thinking Georgia could win among other things.  If college football is anything, it is unpredictable in a lot of cases.  At the very least, it reminds me that being wrong is just a part of life.

Overall, in my college pick ’em game on ESPN I did fairly well.  There were just a couple of games where I got it wrong.  Georgia being the most obvious.  I went with the “what had happened before” instead of looking at where Georgia is now.  I let my optimism and favoritism overshadow my knowledge.  In picking games, I should have remembered that going with your heart is almost always the wrong thing to do.

Georgia fans across the nation immediately started saying well this one really doesn’t count and that the team played an actual ranked opponent, a higher ranked opponent and not a cupcake team.  Excuses.  Just excuses.  It does matter, they lost.  It doesn’t matter that they played a ranked team and other SEC teams got to play cupcakes.  It does matter that Mark Richt started off another season with a loss and a big loss on a nationally televised stage.  Excuses.

Georgia couldn’t get their offense going in any coherent way and the defense spent most of the game on the field and just got worn down.  Same story, different season.  Aaron Murray was not bad.  Parts of Georgia’s game were not bad.  But overall, they didn’t look good.  Kellen Moore dissected them like an anatomy frog.  It did nothing to help Georgia’s case for the season and everything to bolster Boise State’s.  And those nasty uniforms Georgia had on didn’t help either.

Next up for the Bulldogs is South Carolina.  If this game is lost, then I think, so is the season.  It’s like a pit of quicksand.  Once you step in, you find it really hard to get back out and if Georgia steps in just a bit farther, they will be doomed to drown in it and Mark Richt will be looking for another job.

On the flip side, I picked South Florida to beat Notre Dame.  South Florida is showing a lot of promise under Skip Holtz and I thought Notre Dame had too many unanswered questions and had chosen the wrong QB.  I was right on both counts.  People will use the weather as an excuse, but in reality it was the 5 turnovers that did them.  Notre Dame has a good coach, a really good coach, but the best decisions are not being made on the sideline and most definitely on the field.  If they stick with the plan they used against South Florida it’s going to be a long season in South Bend.

I also picked Oregon to beat LSU and that didn’t happen.  But that wasn’t exactly shocking.  It could have gone either way and it went LSU’s way.  These two teams though will be at the top for most of the season….somebody had to lose the game and the Tigers came out on top.

I can’t wait to see what happens this week.

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