And So It Begins

College football is underway and while most every game this entire weekend was a cupcake matchup – there were a couple that were not and there were some cupcake games that showed a lot despite the scores.  There were a lot of big scores and a lot of big lessons.

Georgia – Wait just a minute, weren’t they supposed to be not so good this year with a brand new QB and a weakened defense?  Not even close.  Aaron Murray Georgia’s brand new QB is a player.  He’s a gamer.  He’s the kind of guy that makes things happen on the field.  Sure, he takes risks, but he will learn about those.  But he is mobile, fast, quick thinking, and controls the game.  He was outstanding.  And wait, there’s more.  Georgia’s defense was outstanding.  Under Todd Grantham, the Georgia defense was quick, hard hitting, and quite a surprise.

Florida – What a difference a year makes and the loss of an icon like Tebow.  The Gators looked sloppy, ill prepared, nervous, and just plain confused for most of the game.  Sure they won, but they really didn’t win.  Everyone saw just what Florida is facing this season now.  An extreme uphill climb and massive learning curve.  Florida had less than 30 yards of offense through 3 quarters against a cupcake team.  Can you imagine what will happen against Alabama?  Ugly doesn’t begin to cover it.

Ole Miss – The return of Jeremiah Masoli wasn’t the save all some people thought.  Masoli split time at QB with Nathan Stanley.  They had similar attempts, similar yardage but there were two HUGE differences between the two. Stanley threw 3 TD passes and Masoli threw 1 INT that many think was the absolute game changer.  Masoli was just approved  to play by the NCAA on Friday.  He may have been rusty, nervous, too over hyped.  Whatever the case, the entire team lost the game, not just Masoli.

LSU – They pulled out a win over a team down 12 starters in North Carolina by only 6 points.  Not a great showing, sorry LSU.  If you can’t take a team down that many players and handle them with relative ease, you definitely have some issues that need to be addressed.  LSU shouldn’t get too cocky off this win.  It’s nothing spectacular.

TCU – The Horned Frogs pulled out a win over the Oregon State offensive yardage producing machine.  This game was excellent all the way around.  The best game I saw all weekend.  Two fairly evenly matched teams.  Both ranked.  Excellent offense and defense on both sides.  The only blemish was TCU giving up 2 INTs.  They still were able to win the game and that’s the bottom line.

MONTANA – Montana teams did very very well this opening weekend.  They all had cupcake teams just like the D1 teams.  The University of Montana racked up 73 points in their opener.  Montana State won 59-10.   Carroll College, the coaches poll favorite to win the Frontier Conference and NAIA championship, pulled out a win over Rocky Mountain College 24-20.

Overall, I enjoyed this weekend.  My teams were winners and there’s nothing like college football.  I am NOT a fan of the cupcake games, but I guess they are going nowhere.  Next week, the more evenly matched teams get underway and true tests abound.  And so it begins….

© photo credit: hlseffigy

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