And In Week 3 the QB Carousel Begins!

Let’s face it. Week 1 is too soon to replace your starting quarterback. Well, that is if your name isn’t Matt Leinart of the Arizona Cardinals. Then by Week 1 you’ll find yourself living in another state and playing backup for another team.

And by the time Week 2 roles around you can’t really replace your starter then either can you? I mean giving up on a guy after just one lousy performance would be considered jumping the gun wouldn’t it? You can’t be so harsh so soon, but after two lousy performances….

That is a whole different scenario.

Seven teams will be starting a different quarterback this week then the one that started in the debut match of the season two weeks ago. Of the seven teams most replaced their starting quarterback because he played terrible, others because the starter went down with an injury, and one because his backup stepped up his game at the right moment. 

But let’s take a look at the seven new faces at the quarterback position excluding Derek Anderson who started Week 1 for the Cardinals:   

Carolina Panthers:Jimmy Clausen for Matt Moore

Matt Moore looked about as promising a QB as Dean Cain would prove to be a Shakespearean actor. The man looked inept in the offense and could not muster much of a performance against New York or Tampa Bay. Add in the fact that he was concussed Week 1 and outperformed late in the game by a rookie last week and you have one of the most likely candidates in the league to be replaced. Hey Peter King, still think the Panthers are going to the divisional playoff round and John Fox is Coach of the Year? I think not. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick for Kevin Kolb 

Vick is the one replacement quarterback on the list that earned the position through playing consistent two straight weeks. The former Falcon QB ran the ball excellent in the second half of that Green Bay opener and Week 2 he would destroy a mediocre Lions defense in a shootout (poor choice of words?). Vick was granted the opportunity to start due to Kolb receiving a concussion as well, but fantastic play will likely keep him as the starter for the rest of the season.

Cleveland Browns: Seneca Wallace for Jake Delhomme

Don’t have too much to say about this swap considering neither starter has much of an upside especially considering the Browns supporting cast. Delhomme’s deal never made sense in the first place and the Browns should look to get younger at QB considering they are rebuilding in nearly every other position. Wallace got the start last week due to Delhomme lingering from that pounding he took Week 1 in Tampa, but with terrible form I would expect Delhomme to briefly take back over before the offense is eventually handed to Colt McCown.

Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick for Trent Edwards

The Bills bring in a Harvard man for a Stanford one and the move actually proves to be a wiser one. Edwards has proven time and time again to be one of the league’s most inefficient QBs. Fitzpatrick may not be able to jump start one of the league’s worst offenses either, but you have to give him a shot considering how terrible they have looked through the first two weeks. Brian Brohme may eventually get a shot as well, but Fitzpatrick will improve their woeful current state.

Raiders: Bruce Gradkowsi for Jason Campbell

The Raiders replace “the next Jim Plunkett” with a practice hero. Sure Jason Campbell’s supposed Raider legacy was just beginning according to a hopeful owner Al Davis, but just like in Washington Campbell proved to be an overrated NFL body rather then a real quarterback. The Raiders decided to go with the unlikely Polish Prince over Campbell because he is a locker room favorite and the team rallies around him. And despite his lack of an NFL elite caliber arm, Gradkowski understands the game and will not turn the ball over as much as previous QBs have for the Raiders. 

Detriot Lions: Shaun Hill for Matthew Stafford 

Shaunn Hill will fill in for Stafford while the former first pick allows his shoulder to heal over the next 5 or 6 weeks. Hill was a former starter in San Francisco and nearly won the first game of the season for the lowly club, but that controversial no touchdown didn’t count although it should have. Not likely that Hill will see any time late in the season, but the man is a perfect backup QB to have on your team.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Charlie Batch for Everyone!

Charlie Batch is expected to start for the Steelers this upcoming week against Tampa Bay and Batch, who was once the fourth string QB on the team, will get one of his few starts in the last three or four seasons. Originally Dennis Dixon started for the club, but the young burner hurt his knee last week and is ruled out this week. Byron Leftwhich was ahead of Batch on the depth chart in preseason, but suffered a four week long injury nearing the end of training camp and is expected to backup Batch this weekend. And Ben Roethlisberger is still suspended from the team for two more games, so Batch and Leftwhich appear to be the short term answer until that date arrives.

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