All Show And No Stay

Mark Sanchez  #6  QBThe New York Jets remind me of the old saying, all show and no stay.  For those unfamiliar, it means something akin to all talk and no action.  The Jets are masters of the media hype machine.  It’s the practical matters where they continue to struggle.

It’s all well and good to play to the media hype masters with your blonde wigs, blustery talk, jokes, and a boat load of “my team’s better than your team” as long as you can back it up.  In reality though, I’ve never been a fan of those who talk too much about how great they are.  I prefer to SEE how great they are and I haven’t seen any of the media hype greatness that has been thrown around all year about the Jets.  Sure, they have had flashes of these moments, but consistently, not so much.  Sanchez has always struck me as a QB who was unsure about what he was doing in some situations and last night, he looked completely lost, befuddled, bewildered.  He certainly didn’t look like this magnificent thing the hype would have you believe that he is.  The Jets defense was about as porous as my kitchen sponge.  The Patriots ran all over them, through them, over them.  Brady had a perfect passer rating.  The Jets defense got to Brady twice.  He had almost 5 seconds to throw the ball.  But this is the BEST team in the NFL, certainly the BEST team in the AFC.  They do everything so great.  They are unstoppable.  They should get the Super Bowl trophy now right? I don’t think so.

It makes it much more difficult to be all bluster and jokes when your team gets bombed 45-3 on Monday Night Football.  It makes it a lot harder to convince everyone of your greatness.  It makes it a lot harder for the media to endlessly hype you if you fail so dismally.  But let’s look at the team a little more closely.  They lost the season opener to the Ravens.  They almost lost to the Vikings.  They almost lost to the Broncos.  They lost to the Packers and couldn’t put up a single point.  They almost lost to the Lions, the Browns, and the Texans.  And then they were bulldozed by the Patriots.  The media has tended to focus on their last minute come backs that have rescued them from several should have been losses.  Their coach likes to focus on talking as do a lot of their players.  But it comes down to what happens between the lines and for most of their games, even the wins, they are lacking.  They stayed married to covering the two outside receivers for the Pats last night, not rushing the passer, and not stopping the run or the checkdown throws.  They got massacred for it.  Revis and Cromartie were not going to save them nor was Sanchez going to pull a winning rabbit from a hat.  The Jets are just not as good as advertised and not just for this game.

The Jets have the Dolphins, Steelers, Bears, and Bills to finish the season.  It will be interesting to see what they do from here on out, but don’t believe the hype my friends.  This team is all show and no stay.

© photo credit: Seamus Murray

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