Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers: Linked in NFL Coincidence

Have you heard the legend about 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? Besides looking an awful lot alike, they have a special coincidence they share in common: the 2005 draft.

The deal is that in 2005 when both players were drafted, Rodgers and Smith were considered the top quarterback picks. At the time, Mike McCarthy (who was offensive coordinator with the 49ers) choose Smith. Rodgers, meanwhile, fell to 24th in the draft, where he was then snapped up by the Packers. The next year, McCarthy leaves the 49ers to become the head coach at Green Bay. The first day in, Rodgers wants to get all feely mealy about the fact that McCarthy didn’t pick him. McCarthy told him, “We didn’t pick you. Now I’m hereā€”let’s move on.”

How else could McCarthy have answered that? And why didn’t Rodgers just shut his yap and play? That’s my biggest beef with the kid, he can’t just shut it and do his job. Hopefully that he’s got some wins behind him now, he can. (And he’s got to look at the 49ers and be happy he’s in Green Bay now. Right?)

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