After Bounty Fall Out, Steelers “Hitters” Must Be On Best Behavor

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been known for tough defense for years and years.    Not to mention, a Punishing Defense that likes to make the other team hurt.     The Steelers Defense has the fines to back that statement.     You can bet though, going forward that the Steelers Better change the way they hit not to mention where they Hit if they would like to stay on the field.

With the Pending lawsuits and suspensions for the Organized Bounty program that the Saints ran, this could shake out to be the most Offensive season we have seen in years.     I think defenders could really be apprehensive when trying to take tackle an opponent.        The league has been calling this much closer the past 2 seasons anyways, and now with this, there is really no telling how far they will go to clean the league up.

That means expect James Harrison’s sack totals to continue to decline.    Expect also some decline from Troy Polomalu as he plays and throws his body around as if he was a human missile.      Ryan Clark also likes to hit hard in the secondary, and sometimes…just sometimes he likes to hit a little high.     That could really buy him or any one of these players time off the field this season.

As a Fan, the past season and a half has been difficult to watch because of all of the calls for illegal hits and the suspensions and the  fines that have followed.     The real issue is that there is no real way to police this sport and make it safe.       Guys have been launching their helmets into players for many years and not just generation is at fault for that.     It is being taught that way in some of the lowest levels of football.    I do not think there are any real clear cut ways to fix the problems other than continue to fine and suspend hits that are completely over the line.

The one major change that could be made is to just add some consistency to overall rulings.      And please, take the commissioner out of the process.    Excuse my Star Wars reference here, but you could almost call Roger Goodell, the Supreme Chancellor, or the Emperor.      He rules on the punishments, then he oversees the Appeals.     That’s real fair.

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