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I read an article yesterday, one of many on the Miami story, and in this one the author suggested that the way to get rid of all this mess in the NCAA is to do away with the NCAA completely.  Or at least as a governing body for college athletics.

The suggestion was to do away with amateurism entirely and let college sports programs incorporate into businesses.  Let them get bidders on investing.  Let them be sponsored.  Plaster those jerseys with all kinds of company logos.  Teams could be renamed like stadiums.  They would still share money with the university, but they would be their own entity.  A true business.  Coaches would only coach and it would be outside of academia or rules enforcement.  Players would be paid, a salary.  There would be contracts.  If they wanted to go to school then they could of course, but on their own dime or maybe as part of their contract.  It would become a business.

While I see his point and actually some it makes a lot of sense, if you went that route then you would basically be just a D League for the NFL and education would become irrelevant.  You would be in effect just licensing the name of a college but the players wouldn’t, for the most part, go there or get a degree.  So, you would be turning out even less educated NFL players than you have now….because a lot of the players who “allegedly” attended college didn’t learn much of anything.  There are those who do though.  And as we all know football doesn’t last forever.  You have to be able to do something else or at the very least be smart enough to invest the money you make so that you don’t have to do anything else when your playing days end.

The NCAA is terminally flawed.  The rules, the enforcement, the sham of pretending that college sports are anything even close to amateur.  A lot of ideas are being thrown around as to what to do about all the trouble currently inflicted at the college level.  The NCAA of course does not want to be eliminated – they need that power and money.  So they just want to rework the rules.  The more I hear NCAA officials talk the more convinced I am that they want to go the “some rules” route.  Only keeping and enforcing some rules and dropping others.  I have already said that will not work.  If you going to drop some you have to drop them all.

Colleges of course aren’t big on losing their control of athletics either.  The way it’s set up now they get all the benefits.  Colleges are the corporations now and the players are the unpaid peons on whom they make their billions of dollars.  The rules breaking and allowance starts at the top and trickles down.  If your college dean or AD isn’t concerned with it why should you, the player who makes nothing outside of a paid education, care about breaking rules.  Because it’s wrong….but that doesn’t matter….right.

I have long said that the NFL needed a D league type situation.  I understand that in doing so it eliminates players obtaining an education.  I also understand that it further re-enforces the belief that money is the most important thing.  I also understand that it totally eliminates the platform on which to teach character, right from wrong, good decision making and avoiding becoming a felon.  But all of those things are just the belief of someone who thinks people should be greater than their worst.  That is obviously expecting too much.

The sham of pretending that college athletics is anything other than a business and that a lot of the athletes it turns out are anything other than the next generation of entitled, coddled, overpaid and lacking character players in the professional sports is done.  That is what college athletics are….maybe it’s about time they just started doing business that way up front and out in the open.

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