You don’t draft a receiver at number two.

If the Rams cannot move the number two pick, would they draft Justin Blackmon as a receiver, a target, for Sam Bradford?  I mean, I guess they could.  I wouldn’t tell them not to, but I just don’t think that the Rams can afford to draft a receiver.  I mean, they technically can, but they shouldn’t really be drafting a receiver when they can be drafting on both lines.

This team needs as much girth and depth on the offensive and defensive line as it can get.  Protection for Sam Bradford and a way to stop teams from scoring.  Bradford is a good quarterback, he just can’t be pressured all the time, and he cannot be expected to score a million points to keep up with the fact that the defense is bad.

If the only thing the Rams did was draft on defense and the offensive line, then they would improve almost instantaneously.  In fact, they would be able to compete with the 49ers because the 49ers have the same kind of makeup.  Their quarterback is not expected to win the game because the defense is so good and he has protection so he can make good decisions.  I don’t think this is rocket science to anyone.

However, Justin Blackmon is pretty tempting.  I mean, he’s a freak prospect, but, just because you want him doesn’t mean you should take him.  It would make much more sense if they took some receivers as undrafted free agents or even in a trade so that they could get weapons.  They need to steer clear of impulse buys so that they can get better very quickly.

I know someone wants to take Justin Blackmon, and they will, but I still don’t agree with taking receivers this high in the draft.

Sorry, guys.


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