Wrong Priorities

The NFL fined Pierre Thomas of the New Orleans Saints $12,500 total for a uniform violation and putting a bow on a football after a touchdown and giving it to a fan.  Again, this is why NFL stands for No Fun League.  Oh, did I mention the uniform violation was for wearing red and green (holiday themed) tape?  Yeah, no fun.

So, the league has decided that it is more important that players not have a little bit of fun with a Christmastime game.  The league has also decided that a little red and green tape on your body during the Christmas season is worth $5000.  Dude, that’s more than I make in a month and the league thinks that tape is worth that much.  Have they completely lost touch?

Yes.  At this point, both Roger Goodell and David Stern are running ships that, while they make money and are successful and all that, are not doing anything that is redeeming.  Colluding to quash a trade in the NBA.  Fining players for colorful tape in the NFL.  Fining players for hits that are not illegal-looking.  Penalizing players for hits that are not illegal.  This is the kind of backwards and very arrogant mentality that is present in these leagues because they employ megalomaniacs as their commissioners.

For once, can someone watch Pierre Thomas give a woman a football with a bow on it, laugh, and say to themselves, “Damn, my league is so cool.”  Would that not be much more interesting?  Wouldn’t you say that when you saw the Pierre Thomas play?

We are still devoid of common sense in sports.  I don’t know why because there are supposedly smart people at the tops of these leagues, but they repeatedly act like they are trapped in the brains of pre-adolescents.

It’s sad.


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