Would Carson Really Just Retire

QB Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer says he’s “set” — which I believe — but is he really ready to just retire?  Plus, are the Bengals dumb enough to just let him walk without getting something in return?

In my opinion.  Yes.  The thing is that even my wife (who could care less about football) knows that Senor Brown up in Cincinnati is one of the worst owners in the history of forever.  If she knows then everybody knows.

So, if the Bengals are smart enough to get value for Carson the next question is:

Would the team that was able to trade for Palmer actually get Palmer or would he just pull a Jake Plummer and retire and leave both teams with nothing?

I don’t know if Carson would pull that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  He’s the guy who needs a change of scenery.  He’s the guy who needs someone to take him on and actually build a team around him instead of picking at it every now and then.

I don’t think he has a huge ego or anything, I just think he’s freaking over it.  Wouldn’t you be?

So, where to send him?

Um, San Francisco.  I’ll take him, and they need it.  How about Tennessee?  They need major help at quarterback.  What about Washington?  They’re done with D. McNabb, and he could work with Mike Shanahan.

Maybe Jacksonville?  I mean, David Garrard is good, but I’ve contended for a long time that he’s hated in Jacksonville.  It would be a loaded division, but Carson can get by Houston and Tennessee.

My personal favorite?  Arizona.  They need to be saved and Carson can probably save them.  I’m just saying, there’s no way in the world the Cards wouldn’t do this, right?

Wherever he ends up I hope it isn’t Cincinnati — because I think that means he’s out for good.

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