With The Number Four Pick The Cleveland Browns Select …

Yes, the Cleveland Browns need a solid running back and Trent Richardson would provide that.  However, the number four pick will still be Justin Blackmon.  So why Blackmon, and not Richardson?  The NFL has become a passing league and running backs have been proven easier and easier to come by.   This will be the second year with Pat Shurmur as head coach and McCoy under center.  Greg Little will be a lot better this season and hopefully not drop any passes.  However, let’s face it … the Browns as a team had more drops then any other.  Little and Massaquoi have both been working hard this offseason and the bottom line is we will have a solid number two in little and number three in Massaquoi.  Adding Blackmon at the one with the number four pick makes the receivers solid all around.  Plus we have Josh Cribbs to put anywhere we want on the field.

So what is going to happen with the #22 pick?  I can see the Browns taking Kendal Wright out of Baylor.  However, does that mean we are going to cut a WR?  Trade one?  Or are we going to trade for Ben Tate?  I don’t know if he is worth a #22 pick.  However, that would help shore up the back field.  Also, there is always the chance of taking Mike Adams out of Ohio State.  Put him on the right side of the line to help sure up the line.  Again, it’s all focused on making the Offense better.  Let’s be honest our D is solid.  The Offense just needs to score more points and let the D have a rest off the field.

Finally, with the second round pick if I trade for Ben Tate, I would take Floyd.  However, if the Browns take Wright you don’t need him.  So then I take a strong look at making the D even better.  Bruce Irving DE/OLB from West Virginia is going to be a beast.  I have seen him explode in games at the combine.  If the Browns could grab him in the third round I would say go for it.  However, I just don’t see him making it past the second round.

If this happens it’s going to be a new look Browns.  Let’s face it … it will be no matter what.

Cleveland Browns Depth Chart would look something like this:

QB: McCoy

WR1: Blackmon

WR2: Wright or Massaquoi

TE: Ben Watson

RB: Ben Tate or Montario Hardesty

This team is getting Mike Holmgren’s finger prints all over it.  Before anyone goes nuts about what the Browns are doing.  Give them time.  It starts with the front office and I believe this time they got it right.  Everything from the front office to the coaches.  It’s always a good time to be a Browns fan.  However, last year’s draft started it with getting us Phil Taylor, Greg Little, and an extra draft pick in the first round this year.  So while it’s always been good to cheer on the Browns, get ready.  Were about to get a lot of band wagon fans!!!!

Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go!




  1. Tim Shaw says:

    We’d never give up a first rounder or second rounder for Ben Tate. Floyd will not be there at #22 let alone our second round pick. There are several other OLB’s to take rated higher than Irving at that point as well.

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