Winning Is Good

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The Atlanta Falcons beat the Baltimore Ravens in Thursday night football 26-21 after leading the game 20-7 and then letting the Ravens come back and get ahead.  The Falcons then had to score a TD in the last 2 minutes of the game in order to win.  But such is the story of the Falcon’s lives.

The Falcons have made a bad habit of getting way out in front in games and then in the 2nd half letting teams back in the game.  Some of these games, the Falcons have been able to win like against the Ravens and some they have lost.  It is not a good habit to get into.  The first half they play all out, total intensity, Flacco couldn’t get a pass to a receiver to save his life.  Falcons were all over him.  The Ravens had 0 points at the half and the Falcons had 13.  But then, after halftime, the Ravens make adjustments and Falcons appear to lay back just a little on defense.  Just enough to let the Ravens back into the game and then to let them get the go ahead TD – 21 to 20.

It’s quite frustrating to watch a team play 2 quarters of all out, almost flawless football and then in the next 2 quarters watch them let it slip through their fingers until they are fighting just to win the game at the end.  Matt Ryan had led 11 come from behind game winning drives in his career now and last night’s was a really good one to watch, but why do we have to watch it? The Falcons had the game won and let it slip away – this is the kind of weakness that loses games – loses close games – loses very important games.  The Falcons need to stop it.

The Falcons are now 7-2 with the best record in the NFL and are now 18-1 at the Georgia Dome.  The rest of the Falcons schedule looks like this: @Rams, Packers, @Bucs, @Panthers, @Seahawks, Saints, Panthers.  Three games left at the Dome and 4 games on the road.  The Falcons should win at the Panthers and Seahawks.  At the Bucs and Rams will be more difficult.  At home, they should win Panthers but Packers and Saints a little tougher, but still at home.  A 13-3 schedule not out of the question or 12-4.  It would be really good for them to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs considering the obvious advantage they have in playing at home in the Dome.

For now though, winning is good.

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