Will Weather Issues Give the Vikings the Advantage Tomorrow?

The weather outside is frightful. No really, it is. Especially in Minnesota, where a major snowstorm is about to rip through. The Giants are in Kansas City tonite, because they won’t make it out due to weather until tomorrow morning. Since the game is at noon, this means that the Giants will be getting up mighty early (6 a.m.) just to travel and catch an 8 a.m. flight. What’s worse? The NFL will not change the game time unless it absolutely has to.

Greg Aiello from the NFL had this to say:

“UPDATE: We continue to closely monitor the weather in Minneapolis and remain in regular contact with both clubs and local public safety authorities. We will continue to do so and are prepared to make adjustments in the schedule as necessary.”

He wrote that on his Twitter account, by the way, don’t you just love that? Anyways, if things aren’t cleared up, there is a possibility that they’ll push the game back to 4:15 p.m. But it’s a remote one. In the meantime, the travel and hassle could throw the Giants off their game a bit. Should be another interesting part of tomorrow’s outcome.

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