Will The Jags Stay In Jacksonville?

The View From Our Seats
It finally happened.  After numerous times when we thought it was going to happen, it happened.  Jack Del Rio got fired, and then the Weavers decided to sell the Jags.  They sold it to a guy who has made assurances he won’t move the team out of Jacksonville.  I don’t buy it.

On the firing, Wayne Weaver said:

“It’s the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons.  We deserve better; the community deserves better. We’ve been very average over the last few years. I take responsibility for a lot of that, making mistakes in some personnel things, but look positive ahead that this team is not far away from being a very competitive football team.”

Of the new owner, an Illinois businessman, Weaver said:

“He’s going to buy a home here in Jacksonville. He’s going to spend time here in Jacksonville.  He’s going to keep the Jaguars management group intact. He’s keeping the Jaguars staff intact. He has a great admiration for what we’ve been able to accomplish here and the way we run our business here so he’s keeping all that intact.”

“It’s pretty hard to put something in writing saying you have to do something but you have to trust individuals’ integrity and I have no doubt that Shahid is going to do what he plans to do.  I had to be comfortable that his plan was to keep the team in Jacksonville. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this team will be in Jacksonville.”

And, you had to sell.  I don’t buy this.  This is a business, and, at some point, the new owner is going to realize his business will be better if he moves to LA.  I will believe it when another team lands in Los Angeles.  But, for now, I still think the Jags are going to be the LA Jaguars sooner rather than later.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik

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