Will ESPN Create Specials for NFL Players?

Have you caught any of the LeBron James‘ hoopla? LeBron is a free agent, and there has been a media circus, the likes of no other athlete, in the NBA or NFL, has ever seen. Brett Favre didn’t even have this kind of coverage when he retired, unretired, etc.

Cavaliers, #23.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Bruna Ferrara

The thing that really struck me was that ESPN is having a special tonite, all on LeBron. The life and times LeBron. The uniqueness that is LeBron. They will use the special to announce where LeBron will go next, and also to take advantage of the media build up. It gave me to thinking about what if this trend continues? What if ESPN decides to do specials on more athletes with big egos? What if Favre, Manning, or Brady get their own ESPN special? Can you imagine the insanity in giving these guys even more attention?

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