Why Would The Auburn Players Talk About This Stuff On TV?

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (a really good show) is airing a piece on college athletics, and, in the piece, there are going to be some former Auburn players who are going to talk about getting “money handshakes” and being paid for performance and all of that stuff.

Now, it seems that the NCAA has a statute of limitations and the allegations these players are making fall outside of the statute of limitations, BUT, that doesn’t mean they need to just be airing everybody’s business.  Sure, everybody does it, but what sense does it make to out your alma mater on national television?

Well, Auburn just won a national title and these players are trying to ride the gravy train.  I don’t know if they were paid for their appearances on Real Sports or not, but I know this — somewhere there is some money to be made by being a former Auburn player who allegedly took money.  You can shine the light on Auburn while they’re still, likely, looking into Cam Newton and be the “cool guy” who brings down a program.

Actually, I find it sort of disturbing that people would take their alumni status with any university so lightly that they would throw that school to the dogs on national TV.  At the very least, could you report these things to the NCAA instead of letting them find out on TV?

Personally, I don’t understand the motivation, but I’m not going to pretend to know the situations of all these former players.   All I know is that Tommy Tuberville might have known this was coming, Gene Chizik has enough to deal with, and it feels like everyone’s piling on Auburn.

I feel like the national title they just won could get vacated anyday.  It’s like the universe doesn’t like Auburn right now because even their own people are not on the Tigers’ side.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rita H Cobbs

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