Why Is The NFL Draft Better Than The Others?

2009 NFL Draft Wallpaper
The NBA draft just concluded, but it was a show for about four picks, and then the trades and relatively meaningless draft picks continued. There was a pretty interesting multi-trade trip for one guy, but that was it.

So, why is the NFL draft so much better than all the other drafts?

Well, first off, the baseball and hockey drafts feature exactly zero people we’ve heard of. So it’s a wash. They all go into a minor league system and disappear.

The NBA draft features one or two impact players and that’s about it. It doesn’t bring in players who can play on certain offensive sets, etc.

The NFL has places for so many people, and there’s the 53 man roster and the practice squad. It allows for guys to be taken and they can be considered important because they’ll play special teams, return kicks, play in nickel packages, come in to block, or something else. The game is so multi-faceted that there’s always hope. Always hope.

Hope is a good thing, and lots of NBA teams can’t even be hopeful because they are too low in the lottery or there’s no talent available. The NFL makes kids stay in college and it makes a difference in the product.

If the NBA changed the age requirements to what the NFL has, they would instantaneously improve draft night and improve the game. No kids in college means nobody who knows the game. Is it any shock there’s hardly any compelling talent?

I do not anticipate the NBA changing the rules simply because LeBron and Dwight Howard didn’t go to college. However, the stories every year featuring wash-outs should be enough evidence to make them think. I hope.

One day we may need to rise up against kids leaving high school to play in the NBA. It’s kind of a downward spiral.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

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