Why Is South Carolina A Disaster?

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South Carolina football is just a flat mess.  They have gone winless in the past.  They had Lou Holtz as their coach, and they couldn’t get it done.  They couldn’t even get all the talent they needed given the higher likelihood that they could bring people in because it’s a state school.  It just never happened.

They go to Steve Spurrier, and they’ve been to the SEC title game, but they are just not suited or structured for long term success in the SEC.  You have to look really hard to see what the problem is.

It pains me to say this, but the current culprit is not Stephen Garcia.  No, that would be way too easy.  If we blame everything on Stephen Garcia then we are ignoring some facts of this case.  It’s not Stephen Garcia’s fault that he was given one too many chances, that he was thrust into situations he had no business in, or that he was at the head of a very nasty swoon for the Gamecocks.

Nope, that’s Steve Spurrier’s fault.

I know, it hurts.  I mean, my dad remembers Spurrier from when he won the Heisman.  In fact, my dad is older than Spurrier, and he said Spurrier was a GREAT player.  He was a great coach.  He won the ACC at Duke.  He won a national title and dominated at Florida, but it’s his ego that got in the way this time.  Spurrier is so good that he just can’t help himself.

The ole ball coach just doesn’t understand that he can’t make EVERY quarterback into a great one.  He thinks he can do it, but it doesn’t always work.  He took one too many chances with Garcia, and now there is a terrible mess in Columbia.

Sorry, USC fans.  It’s all about Steve this time.  The Spurrier variety.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Larkyn.

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