Why Is Jerry Jones So Happy?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones must have been recently kidnapped because this way nicer twin brother of his is way too positive about the struggling organization. Mr. Jones would never say things like that his team was “dominant” or “playing well” when they are 1-4 and in last place in the NFC East. Jones would also never credit his coaching staff for “getting better every week” when they continue to lose games stupid ways week after week.

At least that is the Jerry Jones I remember. 

Apparently the billionaire has gotten soft over the years and now that he has built his own monstrosity for the Super Bowl this year in Dallas, he has forgotten about the rest of the world outside of that billion dollar bubble. Jones seems frighteningly optimistic about his Cowboys dismal 1-4 start to the season and the Dallas owner seems ready to congratulate everyone for a job well done despite the fact that his roster has shown little hope of playing in that Super Bowl in Dallas this season. 

Jones believes in his team though and had nothing controversial to say about the frustrating start to the season:

Our team is doing some very good things. We’re being dominant in our fronts in many cases. Dominant. And you win the game usually when you are playing that well. We took the tape apart yesterday and looked at the play of every player, looked at his effort, looked at the things that we’re doing and those usually win ballgames. I believe in these guys, I believe in the coaching staff, I believe in Wade Phillips. I believe we can turn things around. While the odds are against us, we can make all the things happen that we wanted to do this year.

Dominant? What has been dominant about either side of the ball this season for Dallas? I’m glad for Wade Phillip’s sake that Jerry is being a bit more passive then usual this year, but save the compliments for when you actually win a game. The truth is that Dallas has struggled mightily at proving to be a Super Bowl contender in the past and nothing they have done this season can prove they are getting any closer to that dream. They have boat loads of individual talent, but little will power to win games as a team. They self destruct week after week and continue to celebrate plays in 3rd quarters of games rather then the final whistle.

But in Jerry’s opinion:

We’ve got a team that is playing well. This isn’t a rationalization, but we’re actually better each week.

Too bad there’s only 17 weeks in an NFL season Mr. Jones. Because it appears you team has shown up two months late for this season. 

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