Why Is Jerry Jones so Anxious to Get Tony Romo Back on the Field?

Caught an interesting note about Jerry Jones really wanting Tony Romo’s return to the Dallas Cowboys. Romo broke his clavicle on October 25th and won’t be able to return until Christmas Day. Would you play him if you could? The Cowboys were 1-5 with Romo, and now they are 4-8. Jon Kitna has gone 3-3 but that’s at least 500. Far better than Romo was doing.

Jones said that Romo “will be ready” come the Christmas Day game against the Cardinals. Note the interesting quote here:

“… when he’s ready to go, he’s going to be ready. I shouldn’t be concerned about additional injury to his shoulder.”

What does I should be concerned mean? How about I wouldn’t be concerned or I am confident that he’ll be healthy? How about that?

Personally, I think maybe he needs to sit out the rest of the entire year and just come back strong next season. How about you?

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