Who’s The Best Of The Best?

DSCF1606 Is Cam Newton “the man” this draft cycle?  His workout has shaken football to its core.  Why?

Everyone wants to believe.  The same way we believed in Randall Cunningham.  The same we hoped that Fran Tarkenton could be resurrected with the technology and training we have in today’s game.  The same way we hoped that Michael Vick could be the “running” quarterback.

Steve Young made elegant passes all the time.  Vick had to learn how to be smart in passing the ball this past season.  Randall Cunningham had to learn to pass the ball, too.

We’ve always wanted a running QB but those guys have usually been kinda small.  We’ve always hoped that someone could do even more than Vick’s thousand yards rushing.

That’s why everyone is so hot over Cam Newton.  He’s a big boy who runs over people.  I’m still laughing at the Oregon player who nearly laid down so he wouldn’t be killed by Newton.  I’m still laughing that this dude was supposed to be the man at Florida, transferred to a junior college where he won a title, and then walked right into Auburn, a title, and the Heisman.

This kid is the perfect storm.

I know Heisman winners usually don’t amount to much, but Newton is different.  Basically, he’s 6’5″, 250.  SIX FIVE 250!  How in the world does someone who is THAT big not get moved to tight end, safety, or something of the sort?  Nope, it never happened.

I know there are other big quarterbacks, but they don’t run over people.  They just use their height to throw across their bodies and to see over the heads of the linemen.

When Newton gets in the NFL and starts running people over I wonder how long before he has to stop and how many records he’ll break before that happens.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew Tosh


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