Who’s Got Next?

Philadelphia Eagles Swoop
Just got word that the Philadelphia Eages are “strongly considering” releasing Michael Vick.  Who saw that coming?  Of course, everyone did.  Vick is the designated pariah of the NFL.  Regardless of what else other players have done, Pacman Jones laundry list of offenses, Stallworth running a guy over, Big Ben and his seemingly endless supply of accusatory women – Vick is by all media standards the WORST offender in the NFL.  Whether it be true or not, that is the case and now the Eagles are just about ready to kick him to the curb.

The Eagles took Vick on after he was released from prison, but they did little to nothing with him.  They let McNabb go to the Redskins and committed all their resources to making Kevin Kolb their QB of record.  Vick would have once again this year been a pine rider.  I’m not even sure what the Eagles thoughts were in bringing him in.  If they weren’t even going to use him in some kind of wildcat formation or let him have any time on the field, why saddle your team with this supposed detriment to all of society. 

Vick has once again got himself in the headlines.  This time, he denies any and all involvement.  The facts in the case have yet to come fully to light, but given the fact that the media will crucify him at any opportunity he made the gigantic mistake of getting himself into a position where he will once again be villified.  And of course, since he is a convicted felon, he can’t possibly be telling the truth now.  Yes, he put himself in a situation where he shouldn’t have been, but is he guilty of anything?  No one knows that for sure right now, but you won’t read too many allegedly’s in the news.

The Eagles should release Vick because they are not going to use him, not because he is in the headlines again.  Will another team take a chance with him?  I think they will, but will he be a starter for anyone.  Not in this lifetime.  His pariah image is irrevocable.  No matter what he does from this point on, even if it’s all good, it will make no difference.  The media has determined he can never be “reformed.”  No matter where Vick goes next, he’s done.  Unfortunate for such a talented athlete.

© photo credit: Kevin Burkett

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