Who’s Got Next

The NFL free agency period that has been reduced to days and in some cases hours is in full swing.  Players going here.  Players going there.  Players going everywhere.  It’s definitely difficult to keep up but here’s a few of the deals that are DONE, not rumored to be done.

Matt Hasselbeck is out of Seattle and will now call plays in Tennessee for the Titans to the tune of $21 million over 3 years.

The Jets have kept Santonio Holmes in their hard knocks fold to the sweet tune of $50 million over 5 years.  The Panthers were able to hold on to their premiere running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson.

The Ravens have decided to give Donte Stallworth a go after his being out of football for some time.  The Saints signed their receiver Lance Moore.

Matt Leinart did not leave the fold and will stay with the Texans.  The Chargers made Eric Weddle the highest paid safety in the league.

The Vikings have agreed to trade for Donovan McNabb pending a new contract.

The 49ers ILB Take0 Spikes heads to the Chargers.  Eagles safety Quintin Mikell to the Cards.

The Chargers keep their TE Randy McMichael.   Jabar Gaffney from the Broncos to the Redskins.

The movement continues fast and furious and rumors are at an all time high, especially on Twitter.  Reader beware – you can’t believe everything you see.  So here now are some of the RUMORS.

Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals.  Kyle Orton to Miami.  CB Asomugha to the Jets.  Jake Delhomme released by the Browns.  Randy Moss to the Jets.  Steve Breaston to the Chiefs.

While those rumors seem plausible there are plenty of others that just seem like wishful thinking.  Regardless, the abbreviated free agency brings two things – fast movement and even faster speculation.

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